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The Gathering Storm, or simply the Storm, is a Laconian Pulsar-class fast-attack destroyer.

Admiral Winston Duarte, the Laconian High Consul, placed Santiago Singh in command of the Gathering Storm on the first mission ending the isolation and self-imposed exile for Duarte's breakaway fleet from Mars, Sol and the rest of humanity.[1]

While Singh was posted as governor of Medina Station, all secure communication with the Laconian fleet went through the Gathering Storm by way of an air-gap secure communication room. In order to gain access to the room and the encryption protocols, the insurgents of Medina executed a diversion plan that breached a hole in Medina and damaged the Gathering Storm.

As part of the insurgency's mass escape plan from Medina, Bobbie Draper led Amos Burton and a band of ten Belters to infiltrate the Gathering Storm. The primary mission was to distract the Laconian ship; however, the part of the plan was so successful that they managed to capture the undercrewed vessel.[2]

The new crew joined the Rocinante in its flight out of the slow zone through the Freehold gate.


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