Gia is a prostitute on Ceres who is first encountered when a client was killed in her quarters and Miller and Havelock come to investigate.

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In "Dulcinea", Gia is questioned about a dead man in her bed by Miller and Havelock waits.

In "The Big Empty", Havelock brings Gia a cactus and she coaches him on Belter gestures and language.

In "Remember the Cant", Havelock mentions her name when he learns of a disturbance in Rosse Buurt and leaves Muss and Miller to protect his language tutor.

In "Back to the Butcher", Gia is with Havelock when Miller visits his partner recovering from the attack by "Pock Mark".

Notes Edit

  • Gia or a character like her appears briefly in the second chapter of Leviathan Wakes, being interviewed by Miller after an attack, but she is not named and does not appear again later. The murder investigation, the Belter hand gestures, the mention of the forgotten arm and her occupation are things that all firmly indicate this character, Gia, being meant as the same character as the unnamed character in the book.

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