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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Gomez (Books).
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Sergeant Grimes was a Martian aboard Donnager.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Grimes is in command of a squad of marines including Dookie and Mole.

TBA Edit

"Remember the Cant", after the occupants of the Knight are brought aboard the Donnager, Mole of Grimes' squad runs ID scans on them while Captain Yao and Lieutenant Lopez inspect the prisoners and the distress beacon that the Knight recovered from the Scopuli. When Holden challenges the MCRN officers to destroy the evidence, she commands Holden to shut up and move.

"CQB", Grimes catches up with Holden as he is facing an invader. She fires and severs the arm of that invader declaring that Holden would not have been able to fire the weapon he had threatened to use against his opponent because that weapon was keyed to the latter's suit. She says, "You're welcome."

She maps the clearest route to the Tachi to the hangar bay from the holding area that the rest of Holden's Canterbury crew had been trapped.

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Notes Edit

  • This character is credited as "Sergent" Grimes. It is spelled without any "a".
  • There is no character with the name "Grimes" in the novel. The closest is "Gomez", the would-be pilot had he made it aboard the Tachi instead of being lost trying to cover the escape of the others.

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