Reverend Father Doctor Hector "Hank" Cortez is a preacher who hosts live streamcasts that go out to over a hundred million people across the solar system each week.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall, dark-skinned man with perfectly coiffed white hair and an immaculate gray suit.[1] He has pale blue eyes. He's reminiscent of the tele-preachers from the latter twentieth century . He is introduced as very pompous and showy. More like an entertainer than a religious figure.

History Edit

Background Edit

Father Hank is a close personal friend and spiritual advisor to Esteban Sorrento-Gillis, the secretary-general of the United Nations, and a golf partner of Jules-Pierre Mao.

Cortez is invited to take the journey on the ship, The Thomas Prince. Filled with other religious figures, poets, preachers and philosophers, the ship is also inhabited by Annushka Volovodov and Tilly Fagan.

Anna regularly questions Cortez's motivations. Where he claims with bravado to be protecting people, she sees his actions as inspired by fear.

The Ring Edit

Cortez circulates a petition that endorses having the Thomas Prince join other ships pursuing Rocinante into the Ring.

The Slow Zone Incident Edit

During the evacuation of the The Thomas Prince, Cortez becomes caught up with Captain Ashford, and when moved to the Behemoth, he falls in with Ashford's line of thinking, and together they sway "Melba" to their side. Cortez, initially blinded by Ashford's righteous zeal becomes disillusioned like Melba has. He witnesses Ashford's reckless and carefree killing, and is moved to at least protect Melba from Ashford's wrath.

References Edit

  1. "The Expanse: Abaddon's Gate", Chapter 8

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