The new sun was a faint dot of yellow-white light, not all that different from Sol when viewed from the Ring sitting just outside Uranus’ orbit. It had five rocky inner planets, one massive gas giant, and a number of dwarf planets in orbits even farther out than the Ring.
Cibola Burn

Ilus is a gravitationally bound system containing six major planetary bodies in orbit around its governing star. It is the first star system that humanity colonized after Sol.

The eponymous fourth planet, Ilus (IV), also known as New Terra by the United Nations, is a fully habitable world, being slightly larger than Earth and having just over one gravity. It was the very first world mankind colonized in their interstellar expansion phase.

System composition Edit

Gravitational governor Edit

  • Ilus' star

Planetary bodies Edit

Inner system Edit

Outer system Edit

  • Ilus VI

Asteroids/Dwarf planetary bodies Edit

  • Numerous

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