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Kenzo Gabriel is a spy primarily commissioned to relay intelligence gathered at Tycho Station for Davila Aerospatiale.

 Appearances Edit

Season Ⅰ



He has an occular implant with network communication capabilities. Avasarala blackmails his boss, Carlos Davila, into loaning him to her to spy on Holden.

Throughout the seriesEdit

In "Rock Bottom", Kenzo is seen aboard the Rocinante during the gas hauler disguise retrofit. Later, Kenzo is monitoring Holden in the bar.

In "Windmills", Kenzo is a stowaway aboard the Rocinante hiding between the inner and outer hulls. He is discovered due to a broadcast Alex discovers originating from there while the crew is attempting to evade a Martian patrol. Amos investigates and starts breaking Kenzo's helmet when he catches the spy. Kenzo is locked in the airlock. He suggests Rocinante use Black Ops signals to compel the patrol to call off their boarding. When Errinwright stops getting his reports, the Undersecretary orders a strike team to Holden's next projected destination, Eros.

In "Salvage", Holden asks Kenzo to help identify the ship they found on asteroid BA-843024112 where Fred Johnson sent them, the stealth ship. Not providing useful information, Holden orders Kenzo to join the away party to board the stealth ship which they soon identify as the Anubis. They also learn that it captured the Scopuli's crew, it was the ship that killed the Canterbury and the Donnager, it came from Phoebe, and it has an unusual invasive biohazard aboard. Kenzo helps remove the Anubis' safe. Kenzo discourages the Rocinante crew from destroying the Anubis which they ignore and proceed anyhow. He does persuade them to go to Eros and to the Blue Falcon Hotel where he betrays them to call in assassins.

In "Leviathan Wakes", Holden finds Kenzo in the shafts of Eros on their way to the docks and he denies him safe passage from Eros aboard Rocinante. Once Rocinante leaves, Kenzo is imitated then captured by the rapidly growing protomolecule construct at the center of Eros.

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  • This character appears only in the television adaptation. He does not exist in the Leviathan Wakes novel.


  1. Character appears in credits for the Blu-ray combined double episode 9 & 10 ("Critical Mass"/"Leviathan Wakes") but when split-editted for television streaming, he only appears in episode 10.

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