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The Knight was one of the Canterbury's shuttles. Regulations dictated that the Cant needed at least one shuttle capable of traveling in atmosphere, but due to faulty seals, its landing gear was not operational.

 Background Edit

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The Knight is the Canterbury's sole shuttle craft. It is externally attached to the ship. When first seen, the Knight is attached on the top hull of the Cant', equidistant from the bridge across the ships centerline..

At the time of the ship's destruction, the crew had been raising concerns about the Canterbury's state of repair. The Knight as it's shuttle craft was no exception and the crew joke that the atmospheric leaks should be 'manageable'.

 Specifications Edit

The Knight was powered by one small Epstein Drive for axial acceleration and also had a number of reaction control system thrusters to enable relatively quick rotational maneuvers when required.

The Knight is approximately 10-20m (30-60 feet) long and has a diameter of between 5-10m (15-30 feet). The majority of the ship's volume is taken up by its main and possibly only compartment which the crew occupy.

In addition it has one airlock, and likely has a bathroom although the course of events suggest that any bathroom is not capable of being separately pressure sealed.

As with nearly all spacecraft in The Expanse, the Knight is arranged so that 'down' in the pressurized crew area points aft along the direction of the main thruster so that, when under thrust, inertia creates the illusion of gravity for the crew.

As a support craft for a merchantman, the Knight is unarmed.

History Edit

Scopuli Incident Edit

It was used by James Jim Holden to investigate the distress signal emanating from the Scopuli when it was moored near the asteroid CA-2216862.

When Jim Holden is ordered to investigate the Scopuli, the crew jokes about its ability to hold air. Like the Canterbury itself, it is long passed the time when a major refit is needed. Perhaps that is why, as part of his team, Holden chooses to bring Naomi Nagata, the chief engineer on the Can't as well as her sidekick and fellow engineer Amos Burton. On an old piece of junk like the Knight, you know things are going to break and you better be able to fix them in situ.

After the attack on the Can't the Knight takes heavy damage from the debri and explosion cloud of the Cant'.

The Knight was recovered by the MCRN Donnager, after the Canterbury was destroyed.

Most of its crew went on to man the missile frigate Rocinante.

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