Laconia is a planet in a system with the same name. Following the reactivation of the Ring network, the planet was settled by a rogue element of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy, effectively establishing a functioning government in the absence of direction from any human power.

History Edit

Circa 12 XTE, after the reactivation of the vast Ring network, Cara and her family traveled to the Laconia system and settled on its only habitable world. Not long thereafter, rogue elements of the collapsing Martian navy, led by their commander, admiral Winston Duarte, arrived in the same system, and, ultimately, took control of the planet, establishing a pseudo-military government. After some years, a fully function shipyard was established by Dr. Cortázar, using alien techonology.

During the Interplanetary War, the Proteus was the first vessel completed and sent back through the Gates to assist the Free Navy occupation of Medina Station.

Around 20 XTE, Cara discovers mysterious animals which seemed to have resurrection abilities, but to a limited degree, reactivating their brain, but not their full personalities. After the quasi-resuscitation of her brother, Xan, Cara escapes her family into the Laconian woods.


  • Laconia is a region in Greece. In the days of the Greek city-states, the territory was under the control of the Spartans. Incidentally, the word laconic is derived from Laconia, because the people were known to speak in a concise manner.


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