This includes characters with name spelling discrepancies/inconsistencies (strictly within the TV production).

The Problem Edit

For an online information repository such as this wikia fandom site, reliably accessing the bits of information is crucial and being able to match names is important to accomplishing that task. When the names of characters provided to fans by the TV production are inconsistent, it opens a lot of debate over the proper naming to use on pages.

Here is the list as we've recorded it. Keep in mind, for this page, we confine ourselves to only those identities who strictly within the TV production and within marketing thereof or within support thereof are spelled inconsistently.

Confused characters with inconsistent name spellings
Credit Props Syfy Website recap Subtitles
Heikki Sabong Heikki Sobong Heikki Sobong
Captain Malik[1] name badge unclear
(may still be decipherable with some special effort. believed probably "Malik")
Captain Malick
Bizi Bitiko Bizi Betiko Bizi Betiko
(or "CPM #15")
(or "CPM Goon")


  • It includes only the name of the same character spelled differently especially when this occurs within the same episode. This does not compare against the book version of names.

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  1. Due to lack of explicit display of character names in credits for "main" cast and "guest stars", the name appears only for the character "Stunt Malik"