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Luna is Earth's only moon, and also under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Its inhabitants have all the rights and privileges of Earth citizenship.

The lunar city, Lovell, is home to the New Hague United Nations facilities. Outer Planets Command and the Outer Planets Governing Board are both located on Luna's surface, Mao Station is located in its orbit, and there are also Lagrange stations at Luna's Lagrange points. The Bush Orbital Shipyards orbit around it.

Luna is a highly symbolic location: as a meeting spot for those who have chosen to leave the gravity well to meet with their family back on Earth, it is a potential icon for peaceful coexistence between the Inners and Outers.

Although heavily developed and populated, much of the structure is not visible from space, being built underground. This protects residents from micro-meteoroid impacts and the effects of solar radiation. Large ultra-high-definition viewscreens located throughout the Luna facilities simulate windows looking out upon the lunar surface.


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