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This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Lydia Allen (TV).
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Lydia, lives under False name, and address in gov't records. She works for Liev, one of Burton's Lt's of the crime family. Before she worked for Liev, she was his lover and one of his many concubines. We get the sense that Liev, is a man of pleasures and takes his sexual needs towards the women he surrounds himself with. If they treat him right, they are given jobs in the criminal webs that were controlled by Amos Burton. Before she fell in with Liev, she was like most other Baltimore citizens, on Basic, barely surviving, and a with a kid to take care of. The kid that she raised though, was not maternally hers. Lydia is the surrogate mother of Timmy. A seemingly mentally slower but big and often rash child. Timmy and Lydia, become very emotionally attached, and begin a long standing sexual relationship, despite their Mother/son relationship. Intercourse between them seems very casual. Lydia has had many sexual partners and expressed it and thought of it, in many different ways.

Lydia is very protective of Timmy, and is often worried about the jobs he takes, as well as his relationship with Burton. She was present the night Timmy was born, and knew his real actual mother, as a co-worker. She had lived through many events that Liev deemed "Churns". Great times of up heavel, change, and re-organization. She felt that another Churn was closing in rapidly, and that people like Timmy, underlings, and mere pawns of men like Liev and Amos Burton, were the first to be sacrificed in such times. Her early years, she lived off of Basic, (a very stripped down version of Welfare), eventually was found by Liev, picked up, and brought to work in one of the many brothels in Baltimore that was under his jurisdiction. Eventually Liev took her to be one of his mistresses, for a time. After this period, after he had moved on to someone else, he hooked her up with a job that was somewhere in the outskirts of Amos Burton's control.

The Churn that she foresaw came in the form of a Star Helix police crackdown. In a two night operation, Star Helix special forces teams raid and perform sting operations, cracking down on anyone suspected of being attached to the organized crime world. Their aim was mostly the lower 'foot soldiers', knowing that the top dogs would be far to smart or privy to be caught. Lydia accepts that Timmy, her lover and "son" is getting to the point where he must make his own life, and if that means accepting that he may die, so be it.

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