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The Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) is the naval force of the Martian Congressional Republic and the most important branch of its military.

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Fleets Edit

The Martian Congressional Republic Navy is divided into two fleets

Fleets Notes
Home Fleet Stationed at Mars
Jupiter Fleet Stationed at Jupiter and its moons including Ganymede.

Known ships Edit

Designation Class Ship type Notes
MCRN Donnager Donnager-class Battleship Scuttled after stealth ships damaged it and it was boarded while investigating Scopuli distress call and Canterbury destruction.
MCRN Harman Dae-Jung Donnager-class Battleship
MCRN Bellaire Donnager-class Battleship
MCRN Bandon Donnager-class (or other large military vessel)[1] Battleship
MCRN Cydonia Raptor-class Fast-attack cruiser
MCRN Sally Ride destroyer of an unknown class Destroyer
MCRN Scipio Africanus Destroyer of unknown class patrol Destroyer Destroyed by rock-throwing attack, in Rock Bottom.
MCRN Shandian Unknown class of Destroyer Stealth Destoyer Shadowed the UNS Arboghast over Venus until disappearance whilst entering the atmosphere.
MCRN Scirocco unknown class Unknown ship type Destroyed Phoebe Station to prevent earth reaching it.
MCRN Morrigan unknown unknown stationed at Titan
MCRN Africanus unknown unknown stationed at Callisto
MCRN Lucian frigate of an unknown class Frigate
MCRN Cavalier frigate of an unknown class Frigate
MCRN Hammurabi frigate of an unknown class Frigate
MCRN Tachi MCRN Corvette Class Frigate Believed to be destroyed, but actually came under the control of the Canterbury crew survivors and recommissioned as Rocinante by the crew themselves.
MCRN Tsuchi MCRN Corvette Class Frigate
MCRN Karakum MCRN Corvette Class Frigate Black Ops ship destroyed by United Nations Navy over Ganymede[2]
MCRN Valkyrie Unknown ship class Unknown Launched a torpedo at the Weeping Somnambulist [3]


Eros IncidentEdit

When the Canterbury was destroyed, and James Holden released his broadcast incriminating Mars in its destruction, MCRN Donnager picked up Holden and his crew of Knight. During Holden's debrief, the Donnager is attacked by six unidentified ships and eventually destroyed. Holden and his crew escaped on the MCRN Corvette class Tachi and later claim it as salvage.

When the Donnager is destroyed by what is believed to be OPA ships, Mars declares war on the Belt. Later, when Holden releases information that the ships that destroyed the Donnager were actually made on Earth, United Nations Navy ships fire on MCRN ships in Mars orbit, also destroying the Deimos deep radar station. The MCRN then ordered their ships in the system to return to Mars and declared war on Earth.

After the protomolecule was unleashed on Eros during the Eros incident, and its existence became known to the public, the Martian fleet nuked Phoebe into a thin gas that was sucked into Saturn’s gravity.

Ganymede IncidentEdit

In the eighteen months since the Eros incident, the MCR and UN have been in a bitter cold war.

The Ganymede incident was an event in which a human-protomolecule hybrid attacked Martian and UN Marines on Ganymede, killing everyone except Gunnery Sergeant Roberta Draper. The initial attack was misinterpreted by both the MCR and the UN as an attack from the other side, which led to a battle above and on Ganymede that claimed nearly three thousand military and civilian lives, as well as causing over five billion MCR dollars of infrastructural damage.

References Edit

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