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Captain Malik is the commanding officer of Jules-Pierre Mao's luxury yacht, the Guanshiyin.

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In "The Monster and the Rocket", once Avasarala is aboard with Bobbie and Cotyar, Malik welcomes them and offers them refreshments. When Chrisjen intones there's little left to say without waiting for Jules-Pierre Mao, the captain let's her know the wait won't be long. Jules-Pierre, as if on cue, immediately enters.

This captain was monitoring the comm and he relays when Errinwright reasserts himself and makes his new demands.

When Jules-Pierre Mao disembarks, it leaves Malik to head up the containment of Avasarala's party.

During "Caliban's War" when a gun battle that breaks out, he attempts to negotiate through Cotyar. He offers Cotyar an opportunity to flee with Bobbie aboard a racing pinnace currently docked in the Guanshiyin's second bay. Avasarala surrenders herself to him and he discovers Bobbie's snuck out so sends his crew after her. He receives a communication from Jules-Pierre Mao with clear instructions to eliminate all the prisoners. Bobbie returns clad with her power armor to take him and his men out.

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  • Subtitles spell the name differently than the episode recap on the Syfy website
  • The name spelled out matches the ship name in the books even though the actor pronounces it as though it rhymes with the word "mention"

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  • The name of Jules-Pierre Mao's yacht in the books is Guanshiyin. The name has not been observed to have appeared in written form on the TV show, but it did appear in subtitles. However, Malik pronounced it as if omitting a syllable, slurring the last syllables together like it rhymed with "mention" or as an answer to a "Gwen-tion" or "Gwen shun"
  • The captain is unnamed in the novel, Caliban's War.
  • The production team goofed by spelling the name of the Guanshiyin captain differently in different instances. (For similar examples with other characters, see Character names spelled inconsistently on TV production.)
    1. Syfy's online episode recap spells the captain's name with a 'c' as in "Malick"; however, the subtitles spell it without the 'c" as in "Malik".
    2. Main cast and guest cast (such as Curtis Caravaggio) don't normally have their character names appear in the credits however, the credit for the role of "Stunt Malik" does appear without a "c".
    3. Is is not absolutely certain but the name on the chest pin appears to be spelled without a "c" either.