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The Martian Marine Corps is part of the MCR Armed Forces and the space naval infantry of the Martian Navy. The Mars Marine Corps is the counter part of the UN Marine Corps, the marines serve on Martian controlled outposts and navy ships through out the system, including Ganyemede before the incident. Like the UN Marines, they use powered, vacuum-rated armor in close-quarters combat and field a variety of firearms.

History Edit

Tensions Rise Edit

After shipping out aboard the MCRN Sirocco, Gunnery Sergeant Draper's unit was to land and secure Phoebe station. However Draper's unit never did secure it, the Sirocco fired torpedoes and destroyed the station to prevent the UN Marines from the UNN Nathan Hale from landing on it.

Ganymede Incident Edit

Members of the Martian Marine Corps Edit



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