The Martian Marine Corps (MMC) is part of the Martian Congressional Republic Armed Forces and the space naval infantry of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. The MMC serve on Martian-controlled outposts and navy ships throughout the Sol system, including Ganymede before the incident, and are the counterpart to the United Nations Marine Corps (UNMC). Similar to UN Marines, they use powered, vacuum-rated armor and operate in a wide range of combat situations utilising a variety of equipment and tactics. MMC Force Recon Marines use Goliath Mark IV Powered Armor and formerly the obsolete Mark III.

History Edit

Tensions Rise Edit

After being assigned aboard the MCRN Scirocco, Gunnery Sergeant Draper's unit was to land and secure Phoebe station. However, Draper's unit never did secure it as the Scirocco fired torpedoes and destroyed the station to prevent UN Marines from the UNN Nathan Hale from landing on it.

Members of the Martian Marine Corps Edit