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This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Matthu Koenen (TV).
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Matthu Koenen is the chief engineer contracted by Royal Charter Energy to settle New Terra

Appearance Edit

He was a thick man with short, bottle-brush white hair and a birthmark on his neck.[1]

Biography Edit

Background Edit

RCE has licensed the land rights from the Earth government, the UN, for the planet which it calls New Terra. Another set of settlers arrived first, however. The original colonists have declared Ilus and First Landing theirs and made a claim to the lithium deposits. When the landing shuttle is destroyed along with the designated governor, Trying, it's just the beginning of problems for the new colony. Adolphus Murtry, the security chief, declares a police state. The chief engineer remains in orbit aboard RCE's contract colony ship, the Edward Israel.

History Edit

Murtry has his deputy, Dmitri Havelock, recruit a militia from the Edward Israel's engineering crew with Koenen included.

Things get out of hand.

Notes Edit

Media Edit


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