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Melba Alzbeta Koh was born on Luna as the only child of Alscie, Becca and Sergio Koh, all of whom are deceased. She is a licensed electrochemical technician.

She has artificial glands implanted in the roof of her mouth that, once activated by two counterclockwise rolls of the tongue, release a chemical mix that heighten her senses, strength, and speed to near superhuman levels. During this altered state, time seems to slow for her as she slowly goes into a chemically induced form of autopilot. She is able to anticipate the movement of her foes and execute deadly attacks with extreme precision, allowing her to take on multiple foes with ease. These attacks usually leave her foes either dead or fatally injured. Due to the fact that the artificial glands release neurotransmitters that alter her normal chemical balance, she is left in a disoriented state and weeps uncontrollably as her brain chemistry returns to baseline. For this reason the implant that she uses has not been adopted readily by the UNN military and has been deemed illegal.

The RingEdit

She's a senior crew member of the Cerisier on its journey to the Ring. Melba's real identity, however, is Clarissa Melpomene Mao, the daughter of the disgraced Jules-Pierre Mao. Her true mission is to locate and destroy Jim Holden, who put her father in prison and destroyed the Mao namesake. But she doesn't want to kill him outright. She believes this will lead to his martyrdom. She wants to destroy his legacy, reputation, and name.

She volunteered to support the Thomas Prince, the ship destined to make the journey through The Ring. She did this with motives to escape the Cerisier and what she did there.

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