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Mesplede is an activist with "Aid Without Allegiance" seeking to provide humanitarian aid to the victim-survivors of Eros.

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Season 2 Edit

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In "Safe", while Miller and Holden are in the Rocinante med bay discussing their fortune and receiving treatment, Mesplede appears on the monitor in a broadcast pleading that the victims of Eros should not be ignored simply because they're Belters. They should receive aid. The chiron at the bottom of the screen reads, "Demands Emergency Mission to Eros"

In "Godspeed", the crew of Rocinante discover the Marasmus tethered to Eros with Mesplede aboard. He smashes the drone that Alex sent over to investigate. He hides the fact that, while they were docked, his crew went inside the infected asteroid. Mesplede then attempts to go around Eros and circumvent the Rocinante's communications jamming so he can publicize his story about what he thinks is a Martian weapons experiment. Holden identifies himself, admits he isn't really military, it's not his experiment and that he wants the same thing that the doctor does but if they publicize the truth they won't be able to contain the hazard. He pleaded with the activist that Marasmus needs to allow the Rocinante to board and inspect them for infection but is ultimately forced to fire on Mesplede's ship killing all aboard.

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  • Humanitarian-Activist Dr Mesplede lies to Holden regarding having gained access of Eros

Trivia Edit

  • The organization "Aid Without Allegiance" may be an allusion to the 21st century "Doctors Without Borders" or a similar organization
  • The IMDb entry for Alex Woods' role is "Victor Mesplede" despite the episode closing credits merely reading "Mesplede". The actor's tweet promoting his appearance also included the first name "Victor" for his character.[1]