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  • Please refer to this.

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  • Hi, Fandyllic and AlbertEpstein!

    I've recently contacted FANDOM about the creation of more Featured Videos on our wiki. They gladly accepted!

    Per our agreement, they will submit their scripts to be reviewed by us, to make sure all information is correct, and we can too create scripts and send them to the staff for review and acceptance.

    Here is the list of pages they had already added to the queue for F. Videos:

    • James Holden
    • Julie Mao
    • Josephus Miller
    • Bobbie Draper
    • Chrisjen Avasarala
    • Amos Burton
    • Fred Johnson
    • Drummer
    • Solomon Epstein

    Per my request, they've added the UN and the MCR to the list. And, of course, a video about the most important aspect of The Expanse - the Ring network - feels imperative, but we first need to wait for Season 3 to progress enough so that we gain enough visual material.

    Let me know what videos you think we should start scripting ourselves. They let me know that they already had a task open for Jim Holden, so we can strike that out. I believe we could start writing the script for Avasarala, Drapper, and Johnson (in that specific order).

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    • the books-only videos would be the most effort.

      the tv-only videos would be the least effort

      we might be doing a disservice to the books if we do tv-only.  we might alienate book readers or might relegate the books to obscurity.

      those are the real questions that inform the decision.

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    • Whatever we decide, we should try to work on more than about 3 or 4 scripts to start with, so narrowing it down will be more important than all the things we want to do.

      Beyond the character ones, I would limit other topics to maybe the following:

      • Protomolecule
      • Belter Creole
      • Space travel in the Expanse (flip-and-burn, crash counch, G-force juice, stowing your gear, other zero G effects, etc.)
      • Space weapons in the Expanse (missiles, railguns, PDCs, etc.)
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  • Hi MysticalArchAngel & Fandyllic,

    The series of cocktails we highlight is a popular topic and the catalog continues to grow.  As such, in my opinion, it becomes increasingly crucial that we provide an attractive and effective way to exhibit it. 

    I would like your input on the most ideal ways to present the collection/catalog of cocktails.

    My thoughts are to implement many of the features available from the storify[1] implementation initiated by "djpiebob", linked at the bottom of the Expanse Cocktails page.  In particular, group together supplemental tweets for each entry in the series and make the groups scroll together as a unit within a side-scrolling gallery.  Furthermore, I'd like to make each use transclusion rather than having viewers directly visit a full-blown wiki article for each cocktail entry within the catalog.  I am also pondering whether to create a namespace for these transclusion components.

    I understand it may be more orthodox on a wiki to simply turn each of the cocktails into a dedicated article and provide a category name then list the collection on a combined category index page but, there might be real advantages to creating  a side-scrolling advanced custom gallery.

    What would you encourage? Is there any existing MediaWiki extension module work implementing custom galleries similar to storify? Do you imagine that a superior solution could be accomplished using CSS/Javascript or jQuery? Would Fandom allow such custom galleries with blocks/sections of combined images, links/references, and text as exhibition units within the gallery? 

    CC: Attn: it-reaches-out , kmactane , djpiebob


    1. Storify is scheduled to be retired and shutdown next month, May 2018
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  • are you a fan of putting the wam score visibility in the panel especially while the score as fallen so badly?

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    • i have a whole spreadsheet where i had been tracking the scores.  at least i did when i was putting effort into it and nobody else seemed to be.  i saw where our score was back in october

      i see no point in showing it unless we show it as a graph using a javascript charting module

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    • Where does the WAM score thing come from? I just noticed it. I suppose you could hide it, if you wanted to.

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    • It's a module that admins can add.  I've seen it on other wikis and always thought it was pretty pointless and tacky.  The people who care should already know where to look and probably need better information than the add-on module can provide.  the add-on module has a manual component that only provides a benefit if it is applied consistently and even then the use-case benefit is pretty marginal.  I'd like to revert back to not having it active in the panel.

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  • Hi!

    Haven't chatted much lately.  New season show be here soon.  Everyone might be a little concerned about the late start without any announcement.

    What are the recent changes designed for? Discussion Activity? WOW mobile skin?

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  • Do you know whether there's a convention or recommended replacement for the number sign in names of articles?

    So many of the character credits for the show include names distinguished by an ordinal/integer preceded with a number symbol.  This creates a problem when naming pages to match character/role names.  Any link including the number symbol will be treated as a hash which is an internal named anchor label the rest of the character/role cannot be used to distinguish pages thus without a substitute all the characters would wind up pointing to the same article.

    I had some ideas but, I figured you were the best person to ask in case someone had come up with an elegant solution to the problem already.  My candidates:

    omit the number symbol for the link itself. Use "DISPLAYTITLE" magic word to reinsert it for readers of the article itself

    replace the number symbol with a similar-looking and related character such as U+FE5F ﹟ SMALL NUMBER SIGN (HTML ﹟) or U+FF03 # FULLWIDTH NUMBER SIGN (HTML #)

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    • Either the entity or the UTF-8 encoded version should be fine. Since most of the cases where this will be used are minor characters, it shouldn't be too much of a burden. We just gotta hope the Corey twins and the show runners don't decide to turn someone with a '#' name into a major or recurring character. Investigator #3 *shudder*

      Actually the link above showed me that you need to use # for link labels.

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    • The UTF-8 in URL percent notation is really long and awkward. Putting in the the character directly using copy and paste seems easier. I'm sure that behind the curtains it's stored and transmitted in UTF-8 anyhow. Most likely, I'll either copy and paste the character without URL percent notation or use the HTML hex entity encoding.  It's working so far

      Georgia Lee probably who I would blame if they make a major character out of one of those.  Not because I think she'd do it.  I think if I start pointing fingers at her she might feel obliged to fix it.  I don't know how active any of the others are but I get the sense she's behind the heavy lifting in the writing room meaning the others come up with the major plot lines and she ends up filling in most of the blanks.  She does seem to have her name on every piece of writing.  Just in front of Hallie Lambert. LOL

      Seriously, if they convert one of those minor characters into a major one, they'll assign him a new role name and most people will just refer to him by the new name. We'll have to just create a redirect or point the credits on the old name with the link directly at the new name. They did it with CPM #15 anyway. He's later referred to as Onudo. Similarly, "Pock Mark" got a new name of "Filat Kothari". Pock Mark's buddies went from "Menacing Belter #1 & #2" to "CPM #7 & #6" respectively when they joined him on Eros, though.

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  • I'm curious where you found that graphic.

    Recently, I was asked about the "Beltalowda" one and whether an updated (corrected) one had been published anywhere.  i didn't know where to look in order to find out.

    If you know where these are being hosted, perhaps you would update the graphic and the article with the current status including whether it had been changed since Nick Farmer commented.


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    • It was in the official Twitter feed ( Don't know if there is a large batch out there somewhere. They probably were made before Nick Farmer got involved, so some may be old.

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    • He is involved on the production side more directly than on the marketing side.  He invented the version of belter language that they're referring to. 

      I think it was the Syfy marketing that created those graphics.

      "Beltalowda" and "welwalla" aren't from the book version of the language that Ty and Franck created.

      If you don't have any more information then it's probably a dead end.

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  • do you share your email with Tobias and Mystical?  how about google hangouts?

    It certainly looks like I'm stubborn.  While that may be true, my last post on that thread started before Nemo's "Trivia Definition Dissussion" post.  It just happens that he'd posted before mine was saved and edited.  I made several edits and reloaded before finally seeing his "definition discussion" post.  In hindsight, that may make it appear like I'm trying to perpetuate the controversy or more so than I'd intended.  That may have ripped off the bandage and reopened sore wounds.

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  • Why are you asking me to talk to someone else.

    I do not want the show to go away, and I provided you an opportunity raise awareness for the show.

    Albert Epstein created a campaign about Internet privacy, and that is not remotely related to "The Expanse".

    Now, when I mention something that has similar themes, your not willing to lift a finger.

    If it is not your decision, establish a "quorum" and make a ruling.

    With priviledge comes responsibility.

    Here one idea: Create a poll "Do you think BladeRunner set the stage for shows like the "The Expanse"? "

    Blade Runner premieres at OCTOBER 6, make a decision before then.

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  • Are you not going to do something about this abusive comment:

    If you are going to label something, at the very least, you should provide  a reason

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    Fandyllic closed this thread because:
    23:01, September 13, 2017
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    • I do not need to contact anyone else. It just seems like your passing the buck.

      This comment falls in the category of spam or trolling because the user does not provide supporting evidence.

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    • We're done here.

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