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  • looks more open and expansive. more modern.

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  • shalll we look into that?

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    • Do you have any ideas for the script and topic?

      Do we know whether the person who's going to do it from their side is an actual fan of the show?

      It really depends much on what part they decide to highlight.  At the beginning of the season is when we'd want to have a video done to attract the most retention.  At the end of the season is when we'd have better new material to include.  So much will change between the start and end of the season that we'd have a different outline depending on when we wanted to do it.  I think it would be MOST ideal if we could do one video a few weeks before the new season and another updated one at the end of the season.  We could even cover different topics so that both will have higher shelf life.

      From what I can tell, it wouldn't be anything we couldn't actually do ourselves with a good script and a good voiceover guy.


      Perhaps, the best topic would be the Belta Lang with a brief remark about the book version being replaced on TV with the Nick Farmer version.  The best people to review such a sript might be Wisnij and it-reaches-out.  It has been spoken about outside of the wiki and so that would be a potential downside to using it as the core topic; however, previous coverage has been primarily or strictly marketing the topic without the degree of "meat" or depth appropriate for a wiki.

      Next, there's the topic of physiological developments for those bodies growing in low-g or zero-g.  This topic has the potential to trigger my OCD if they write anything as "low Gs" or "high Gs". This actually has much less coverage in the TV show than in the books. While visualized beautifully in a couple of early but minor cases, there isn't a whole lot on it later in the series.[1]

      Another topic might be Epstein drives and the role of gravity and the juice including the need to flip and burn at the midpoint in order to slow.  This topic might be better to do later since season 3 will likely bring us better source material. This too might trigger my compulsion against miscapitalized uppercase scientific symbols.[1]

      There's also the subject of light delay in communications.



      1. 1.01.1Non-US residents have their compulsions against excessive capitalization in titles. I have mine against the same occurrence in math and science.
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    • I agree that a video mentioning the Epstein drive would be best after season 3 concludes, or, at least, after the appearance of the Ring network, since I believe the main topic of a post-S3 video should be the gates, where we could mention the Epstein drive, which is still being used for in-system travel.

      I actually don't think anything but lang Belta works as a topic for a near-S3 video. As for how they're made, as far as I know, we provide the script (possibly the images and clips, too), and they simply piece it together.

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  • Check your email re: announcing 3rd party contribution.

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  • It will be upon us in a few weeks, I think we should take advantage of the "hype" and collaborate with the sister-sites,  in order to boost traffic

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  • Ever since he was promoted,   AlbertEpstein , has been targeting me, nearly every time I made a contribution and has threated me with removal.

    Case in Point:

    Please consider that I have acted in "good faith" with these additions, and he is creating a "hostile work environment", and I think you should strongly reconsider his promotion as of late.

    PS: I told him, the ability to remove someone is a group decision not his alone, please make sure he is aware of that.

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    MysticalArchAngel closed this thread because:
    This discussion has concluded. By order of the wiki council, Nemo2012 is warned one last time.
    13:32, September 23, 2017
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    • WoW this is a tough nut. I'm not sure who's more stubborn, Nemo or AE.

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    • As to Albert Epstein's concerns:

      This is not the first time we fought. In the past you have minimized my contributions, as "something I would find interesting". The same could be said about the variations of spellings of character names.

      You have also deliberately vandalize my contributions such as writing a screed in the captions of a photo about "chucking".

      Also you removed messages from your message wall without explanation, or even provided a response.

      I even tried to make amends, which you also removed without explanation.

      So when you say, I wanted you removed from you, ask yourself did you create the condition where you have "painted me into a corner", as in "ban without notice".

      Unlike you, I will not "coerce you into obedience" , or make you "follow the party line", or ask you to make a public apology ("the council" is just a shorthand for Mr. Epstein),  to accommodate your "show trial".

      Look within yourself for that answer. Based on what I have said, does it sound like that Mr. Epstein, served as an admin who has acted in "good faith". He has violated "the spirit of "good faith"

      AlbertEpstein wrote:
      The original issue was that the content you contributed as a user of the site is not seen as fitting within the scope, context, or theme of this particular subdomain, The Expanse Wiki. The original issue was that the content you contributed was considered excessive, overabundant, impertinent and irrelevant. Furthermore, it was frequently simply uninteresting and consumed bandwidth unnessarily and without benefit.

      If anything at all, you have designated those contributions "irrelevant" and "uninteresting". And the fact, we have fought about it in the past, makes your motivations now even suspect. If anything at all you should abstain from passing judgement on my contributions because of these deep-seated animosities, and pass it off to someone who is not so close to the matter.

      But let's be clear on where everyone stands, as oppose to Mr. Epstein's spin on the situation.  The decision is not completely unianimous on my actions. If anything at all Tobias has been very concilliatory (Philospoher-King) , and Fandyllic, more or less, abstains in the matter.

      Also, I will continue to be a zealous advocate for "intellectual diversity", I will make no apologies for that. If anything positive has come out of this, is at least we have started a conversation on the matter. We should try to be more inclusive because the site is "all things expanse".

      Moreover, solutions have been implemented, we do not necessarily have to reinvent the wheel.

      • Fandyllic implemented a code for a collapsible option, if the page turns out to be "Cluttered", this is one possible approach.
      • Redirect to another page within the wiki.

      I proposed creating another section "Miscellaneous" or "Sundries", if this turns to be too much, that can be collapsed or re-directed to another page. When you try to restrict "factual information", you are taking away from the dynamism of the site.

      Adopt an inverted pyramid, where the more important information will be on the top and the less than important is on the bottom.

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  • I was reading :

    I raised a similar concern in an episode page near the season finale:,

    Is it possible if I can incorporate that concern to Earth day page. There is not enough material to justify a new page addition. It just seems like better sense, to append a pre-existing page

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    • I mentioned SSTC in the ESD article notes.

      I'm not sure the "TC" in SSTC represents "Time Coordinated". Often in recorded video, TC represents "Time Code" just for reference to something happening in the video from whenever TC = 00:00:00. Of course "Sol System" sounds reasonable for SS, but it could be something completely different like "Space Standard" or something.

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  • Is it possible to carry out an initiative like an improvement drive or poll in conjunction with  the Blade Runner premiere (Oct 6)

    In the past, I have seen a campaign to promote Internet privacy, I figure it would not be too much of a reach with respect to the film.

    One possible poll question "Did Blade Runner set the stage for shows like The Expanse?".

    I like the show, and even though the show was given another season, it could easily go away because  of poor ratings. I figure an undertaking of this nature would raise awareness for the show.

    With respect to an improvement drive, what pages do you think are deficient other than the ones mentioned in the community corner, or create a poll to that effect. Put an expiration date such as the Blade Runner premiere, because there is nothing like a goal to garner fan interest.

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  • Thanks for the slick and stylish new badge!

    Was quite a pleasant surprise.  

    Now, I'm imagining how I might animate it with CSS3/JS

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  • Its nice that you have a transcript section, but what about outstanding quotes. I do not think the average reader would necessary have the patience to read the entire transcript.

    For example:

    The memorable avarsala quote

    Good. And, please, let them know that if they can't, I will rain hellfire down on them all. I will freeze their assets, cancel their contracts, cripple their business, and I have the power to do it, because I am the fucking hero who helped save Mother Earth from the cataclysm that Jules-Pierre Mao unleashed. Tell his children that the government is more powerful than any corporation, and the only reason they think it tilts the other way is because we, poor, public servants, are always looking for some fat, private-sectors payoff down the road. But I'm not looking. And by the time they can pull the strings to force me out, it'll be too late. Their family will be ruined. Their mother, the children, their children, all of them, pariahs - outlaws! Hunted and on the run for the rest of their days until we find them, and nail each and every last one to the wall. Make sure you tell them that!

    If you read the transcript alone it is easy to overlook ,and also it is a question of provenance if you did not see the character page first.

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