The mimic lizard is the colloquial name given to a small, lizard-like species indigenous to Ilus. They are curious animals, unafraid of humans.

They have wide and leathery heads, not unlike bullfrogs', with small, wide-set and forward-facing eyes. Their skin is scale-like. Below the neck they have an air sac which inflates and deflates as the lizards make a grunting sound.

The mimic lizards are predators, and their name comes from their ability to imitate the sounds of other animals to attract food. They have the ability to expel their inner organs through their mouth as they unhinge their jaws, quickly propelling their inverted stomach toward their prey. The impact kills or otherwise incapacitates the hapless animal. The inside of their stomach is sticky, making their prey adhere to it, after which the lizards swallow the stomach and the adhered prey whole.

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