Missiles, also called Torpedoes, are a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead and designed to detonate either on contact with its target or in proximity to it. All standard missiles are outfitted with transponders. It works the same way it does with ships. Without the Missiles's ID, it can´t be used to track them, so they usually only provide information for those who have fired them.

Missiles in the Expanse use a smaller version of the Epstein Drive allowing for long duration, high g acceleration. While some ships are being listed as capable of 30g acceleration, with their limited mass, and lack of human cargo, 100g acceleration capability might be likely. in addition multiple high efficiency maneuver jets allow for speedy and efficient tracking of moving targets.

Most military ships carry missiles as armament.

Know ships firing Missiles in The Expanse universe :

MCRN Corvette Class has 20 missiles in 2 launcher (1 dorsal, 1 ventral)

MCRN Donnager-class Battleship : 10 missile launchers (6 fore, 4 aft)

UNN Truman Class Dreadnought : 9 torpedo bays