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Corporal Mole is a Martian Marine aboard Donnager.

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Mole reports to Sergeant Grimes

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"Remember the Cant", Mole scans each of the prisoners' IDs when they are brought before Captain Theresa Yao and Lieutenant Lopez. He pauses to give Alex a second glance when the last readout sounds a distinct tone for the Pur N Kleen pilot. Mole puts Holden then Naomi into their cells in an aggressive manner which arouses Amos' ire and the Pur n Kleen engineer grabs the Marine from behind to throw the Martian down. Corporal Dookie tases Amos and receives the order from Sergeant Grimes to 'put him down'. Promptly, Amos is sedated and the two Marines drop him onto his cell floor. Mole observes as Shed, the Pur n Kleen medic, cautions everyone to "take it easy" before peacefully backing into his cell without intervention and with his hands facing the others. Alex is about to imitate the same act when Sergeant Grimes declares he's coming with them. Alex takes a brief moment to register her statement. Alex's eyes reveal his surprise and uncertainty before he stops and trades looks with Mole then follows Grimes out of the holding area.

"CQB", Mole has an angry verbal exchange with Holden. He expresses aggravation for having to escort Holden while his friends are dying. Holden tells him to go help his friends and let Holden help his own. He says the marines aboard have a sense of duty and that he heard that the captives were responsible for Phoebe. Holden tells him he had nothing to do with it and that Mole should just ask Lopez. Their conversation is cut off as a boarding party breaches the ship just behind them on the corridor.

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The TV incarnation of this character fulfills the major functions of two characters from Leviathan Wakes.

  1. This is the first Marine from Donnager to die, a character of the same name of Mole in both incarnations. Holden isn't considered at fault in the books since he was never in the CIC and it was already the intent of the Marines to escort the entire five survivors of the Canterbury off the Donnager.
  2. In the novel Leviathan Wakes, Chief Gunderson is the officer who inspects the Canterbury survivors and escorts them to their quarters.




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