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The UNN Nathan Hale is a warship in the United Nations Navy.

Technology & Combat Characteristics Edit

Armaments Edit

The weapons on the Nathan Hale are as follows: two rail guns (one dorsal and one ventral) and an unknown numbers of PDCs and torpedo tubes. The Rail guns on the Nathan Hale are designed to deal with other warships at mid to close range - other wise known as CQB (Close Quarter Battle).

PDCs, or Point Defense Cannons are designed to deal with warships or torpedoes/missiles at close range like a modern (21st Century) CIWS (Close in Weapon System).

History Edit


Crew Edit


  • Captain Yvgeny


Media Edit

Images Edit


  • Nathan Hale was a spy for the Rebel Colonial faction led by George Washington during the American Revolution. He was later caught and executed by the British. He supposedly said he "regrettably only had one life to give for his country".

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