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Prime Minister Nathan "Nate" Smith is a former Prime Minister of the Martian Congressional Republic

History Edit

Background Edit

Marco Inaros, leader of the Free Navy sends ships to assassinate Nathan Smith.

Alex Kamal and Bobbie Draper smuggle him off the MCRN ship using the Razorback with the original plan to immediately proceed to Luna in order for him to meet with Chrisjen Avasarala.[1]

While Nathan and Bobbie were on route to Luna, Chrisjen was in communication with Bobbie. Bobbie had information on missing Martian ships that she would be committing treason if she shared it with Chrisjen. Knowing this, Chrisjen coaxed Nathan to release Bobbie to share the information[2]

When it was determined that Naomi was on Chetzemoka, Holden redirected the Razorback to rescue her. Bobbie debated the risk of this when they have a critical escort mission while Alex told them they had to fulfill the obigations of humanity to respond to an emergency situation like what Naomi was in, Nathan argued, besides Alex's noble sentiment, they that they needed the testimony she could bear witness to.[3]

Once the Razorback rescues Naomi, they reunite with RocinanteNathan's government on Mars calls for a vote of no confidence and the Prime Minister is replaced by Emily Richards[4]

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