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Nico is a destitute man living on the street near the UN who helps with the basic health needs of his community by trading in prescription and exclusive over-the-counter drugs.

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In "Cascade", after breaking out from the Martian embassy, Bobbie encounters Nico as she attempts to flee an apparent crazed man. She had just unsuccessfully sought directions to the ocean from the shirtless and mentally disoriented Peter. Nico offers the needed guidance which Bobbie anticipates will incur a cost, but she admits she has no "scrip". When Nico explains he has deduced she is Martian because of her visibly challenged walking and promises to help her for whatever Osteo-X she can spare, she immediately confuses him for a misguided drug dealer. He explains that he would use the drug to exchange for anti-radiation drugs, anti-toxin, or anti-biotics. She then asks him whether he's a doctor to which he shares his story about waiting for a spot in vocational training for 35 years.

When Bobbie challenges his honesty, he calmly retorts with a question to her whether it would make a difference in her mind whether he attested to the factuality of his claims. More words from him wouldn't change whether she believed him. She apologizes for her distrust, draws the bone density enhancer from her hip pocket and hands it over to him. He assuages her guilt with a remark about the mutual nature of the their tribal prejudice. Then, he breaks the tension with a comment criticizing Martian music. Relieved and amused, Bobbie concurs with his negative assessment. After providing the brief directions she needs on how to get to the ocean, he stops her to formally exchange names. Next, he gives her a tip on acclimating to the Earth horizon which he then directs her to imitate. Before she reopens her eyes and without awaiting her expression of gratitude, the mysterious Nico vanishes.

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  • In the books, the character Nico does not exist; however, the UN guard that holds the door for Bobbie shares a tip with her to help her adjust to the wide-open environment outside the UN. The guard is named "Chuck" and is believed by Bobbie to have served in the UNMC.[1]

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