The UNN Okimbo was a Truman-class dreadnought of the United Nations Navy, and the flagship of Admiral Souther's fleet.

Technology & Combat Characteristics Edit

Armaments Edit

The armaments of the UN Dreadnought Okimbo are a unknown number of torpedo tubes, PDCs, and Capital Ship-class rail guns. The torpedoes have a high-yield plasma warhead which will have a devastating effect on other ships. The Point-Defense Cannons aka PDCs are a multi-barrel CIWS weapon system that will shoot down torpedoes, missiles, and ships whether military or pirate. The rail guns are used to shoot at other capital ships, escorts, and torpedo ships.

Engineering Edit

The engineering part of the ship house the Nuclear Reactor which is part of the Epstein Drive which helps create artificial gravity on this warship of the navy.

History Edit

Ganymede Incident Edit

Crew Edit




  • Okimbo is a small island chain in the nation of Fiji

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