Osteo-X is a bone density growth and fortification accelerator, mainly used by MCRN marines.

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Aside from Earth, no habitable environments exist in the Sol system where gravity is on par with humanity's homeworld. Generations of populations having emigrated from the mother world found the development of muscle and bone atrophied. This created consequences for those who desired to visit Earth in that their bodies could not tolerate the stresses of prolonged exposure.


Several medical brands developed medicine to counteract the effects growing up in low gravity has on human anatomy. The most prominent of them appears to be Osteo-X. It has been observed to be utilized in conjunction with muscle fatigue inhibitors. It is recognized within the inner planets as it is broadly used by Martian delegates to Earth. The Martian military, without the pharmaceutical, despite their intense routine training in 1 G, cannot sufficiently build the bone density level required on Earth's surface. It is well-known that Martians utilize the drug. Street dealers find a market in trading it for other medicines. Presumably, the cost is prohibitive to purchase by those in the Belt who wish to have it.

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  • In the real world, Forteo  is the brand name of generic designation teriparatide. It is of recombinant DNA origin which means it is produced from bacteria, and it is a synthetic version of what is produced in the human body called the parathyroid hormone. The hormone, in high quantities, causes the bones to release calcium into the blood because the bones are simply the storage system for calcium.
  • Also a popular alternative to the injectible real world drug Forteo , is Fosamax , which is rapid bone-density enhancer, that alters bone remodeling process by tipping the balance in favor of the Osteoblasts (bone-building cells) as oppose to Osteoclasts (bone-removing cells) which work together to tear down and replenish your skeleton.
  • If important (, other drugs; scaffolding

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