The Outer Planets Alliance, abbreviated OPA, is a loosely affiliated network borrowing or associating under a core common ideology that started its life as a labor union or advocacy group, fighting for the interests of inhabitants of the Belt, often in direct conflict with the inner planets' Earth Mars Coalition Navy. Its logo is a split circle and headquarters is located on Tycho Station.

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The OPA is described as either a sociopolitical movement, according to people sympathizing with Belters, or a terrorist network, according to the inner planets. Because of its decentralized structure and the range of activities by groups claiming affiliation, both descriptions have more than a little basis in fact. The statement that it's decentralized negates the assertion that it has a headquarters.

History Edit

Eros Incident Edit

While the OPA consists of various cells and associated movements, such as the student group Far Horizons Foundation, by the time Leviathan Wakes takes place it has attempted to organize itself as a government, with Fred Johnson as its faction leader.

When Earth withdrew from Ceres, the Outer Planets Alliance announced the inclusion of Ceres among official OPA-held real estate.

A group of about one hundred soldiers under the command of Fred Johnson, with the help of the crew of the Rocinante and Miller, are able to take over Thoth Station, the managing station for the Eros Project.

Later, in an attempt to give Miller more time to convince the Protomolecule infected Julie Mao driving Eros into Earth, Jim Holden has Fred reroute the UN nuclear missiles headed for Eros, and then store them after the crises is over.

After the events of the Eros incident, Fred Johnson, representing the OPA gave a speech at the peace conference on Ceres.

Known OPA members Edit

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Independent contractors Edit

Factions Edit

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"There's OPA and there's OPA"

Although recognized by the general populace and media of Earth and Mars as a cohesive group, the OPA contains many groups and factions, all on varying points on the political spectrum.

Fred Johnson represents the largest faction, achieving a form of legitimate recognition by the United Nations and Martian Republic.

Marco Inaros represent the Free Navy, a faction favoring Belt independence from interference and taxation by Earth and Mars.

A violent terrorist-like faction is called Black Sky.

Known factions Edit

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Cults of Personality

  • Fred Johnson
  • Anderson Dawes
  • Michio Pa
  • Marcos Inaros

Trivia Edit

  • A similar contemporary to the OPA might be the Irish Republican Army. While there are comparisons that may be drawn between them. It is an extremely inaccurate statement to conflate them as equivalent. Using the word equivalent in this way would be irresponsible and dishonest. Drawing comparisons between organizations simply on the basis of how they are organized while ignoring important defining attributes such as location is an analysis of two completely unequal but similar organizations. This wiki should avoid declarations of false equivalencies as though they are "contemporary equivalents". At best, this is a comparative analysis of groups of a peon class comprised of peoples from a specific population but not "equivalents". Also, the definition of "trivia" does not encompass "analysis" whether subjective or objective and it's debatable whether this analysis is objective. There are factions that believed in a independent and Irish free state through armed struggle (Old IRA, or Real IRA), and others that believe it can be achieved through political means, like the Provisional IRA, or Sinn Fein (Gaelic for "ourselves" or "we ourselves"), oriented around Marxist or leftist ideology. However, it is unlikely the IRA would have ever allowed even a figurehead leader from turncoat and British Army equivalent "Fred Johnson".


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