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Expanse The Unofficial Podcast Edit

Premiered on October 12, 2015. It strives to release one episode per week. The podcast is produced independently by fans of the books and show, and has no affiliation with SyFy or Alcon Entertainment.

Format Edit

In the weeks prior to the series premiere on December 14, 2015, each episode focused on a different main character, and the actor who portrays them in the series. Following the premiere, each episode will focus on reviewing and recapping the most recent episode of The Expanse. During the hiatus after season 1 the podcast will change focus to other characters, locations, or ships in The Expanse universe.

Spoilers Edit

The podcast is kept as spoiler-free as possible, giving listeners who may not have read the Expanse novels the opportunity to better understand the universe of the show prior to viewing.

Hosts Edit

The show is hosted by Lex Starwalker, and Nikki Starwalker.

Episodes Edit

Title Air Date Guests
1. Expanse Resources October 12, 2015
2. Introducing Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata October 22, 2015
3. Introducing Thomas Jane as Detective Miller October 29, 2015
4. Introducing Steven Strait as Jim Holden November 5, 2015
5. Introducing Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal November 12 ,2015
6. Introducting Wes Chatham as Amos Burton November 19, 2015
7. Dulcinea (Episode recap) November 25, 2015
8. Introducing Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala December 3, 2015

The Expanse Podcast - Tales From The Rocinante Edit


A weekly fan podcast by Solo Talk Media. This is a weekly review podcast covering thoughts and theories up to, and including the most recent episode of The Expanse.

Format Edit

Shortly after each week's television broadcast a short episode of the podcast called a Double Take will be released. The Double Take is a 5-10 minute episode covering first impressions of the most recent episode of The Expanse and asking a few questions in the hopes of obtaining feedback for the longer review podcast released a few days later.

A few days after each television broadcast a full length review podcast will be released going over recent news about The Expanse. It then covers the episode in detail and discusses any thoughts and theories about what's happened and whats to come. The podcast then concludes with listener submitted feedback.

Spoilers Edit

The Expanse Podcast - Tales From The Rocinante is a spoiler free podcast. Future fans watching The Expanse for the first time will be able to follow along with this podcast without worrying about being spoiled.

Host Edit

This show is hosted by Mark Des Cotes, owner of Solo Talk Media.

Episodes Edit

Title Air Date Guests
1. The Expanse Podcast – Introduction November 19, 2015

Other Podcasts Edit

Scott Sigler Podcast Edit

"The Friday Fix - November 20, 2015" - a spoiler-free review of the first 4 episodes.

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