Powered Armor is equipment used by Force Recon Marines in the United Nations Marine Corps, and the Martian Congressional Republic Marine Corps. The Outer Planets Alliance lacks any Powered Armor capability.

United NationsEdit

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Reaver Powered Armor

Powered Armor used on Ganymede

is the primary if not sole Powered Armor utilised by the United Nations Force Recon Marines. This armor was operated during the Ganymede incident as well as during the trip through the Ring being launched on a skiff towards the Ring Station.

Reaver Armor is shown on the show to utilise detached external assault rifles as opposed to the MMC equivalent which utilises an integrated multibarrel gatling gun.

Martian Congressional RepublicEdit

Goliath Powered Armor worn by the Martian Marine Corps Force Recon Marines is designed to let Marines walk through a nuclear explosion crater minutes after the blast. The HUD, which can be controlled through blinks and eye movements, can show information ranging from maps and combat information to suit diagnostics. It also included a gun built into the right arm. Squad leaders are even able to view their squad's life signs and equipment status reports.

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