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Ring Station is an extraterrestrial structure located in the center of the slow zone.

Around Ring Station is a slow-moving ring of debris that has been captured by the slow zone, such as the probes fired into the Ring and the slow zone by the Rocinante and other flotilla ships, as well as the Belter ship Y Que.

The dampening field created by the Ring Station was disabled by Jim Holden and The Investigator following the Slow Zone Incident.Following the attack of the Free Navy on Earth, Ring Station was outfitted with six massive rail guns by Free Navy Belters on Medina Station. As the material of Ring Station resisted drilling or welding attempts, the guns were secured in place by three enormous intersecting bands of metal composites encircling the sphere, with the guns being located at their junctions.

Structure and Layout Edit

The station is a sphere approximately five kilometers in diameter. The exterior of the station is featureless and is composed of a glowing, metallic blue substance.

Upon being approached, the station's surface will form an irising opening to admit visitors, depositing them in a chamber with a corridor that leads to additional rooms. Several of these rooms contain autonomous "mechs" resembling a mass of metallic insect-like limbs; these remain still and dormant until the need arises to defend or repair the station.

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