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Praxidike Meng
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The Rocinante ("Roci") is a Corvette-class Fast-attack-frigate with multiple roles, such as torpedo bomber and boarding party insertion.

Originally commissioned as the MCRN Tachi (ECF 270), the ship was stationed onboard the MCRN Battleship Donnager. She was rechristened by James Holden after he and his crew used her to escape from the Donnager. (A literary referance, "Rocinante" is Don Quixote's horse. "rocín" means "work horse" and "ante" means "before" or "no longer". Thus, Rocinante means "no longer a work horse".)

The ship's construction is like a narrow building, layered floor by floor from the drive cone and reactor up to the engineering deck, to the machine shop, then the galley and crew cabins and medical bays, storage deck containing the crew airlock, then on up to the command deck and pilot's farthest forward. Under thrust, g-forces then provide a "down" amenable to human orientation.

Her normal crew complement was over a dozen navy personnel and officers, and on many missions she’d also carry six marines.

Crew Edit

Rocinante crew

The crew of the Rocinante

🐎 Joined crew after Nemesis Games (book)

History Edit

Eros Incident Edit

When the Donnager was destroyed, Jim Holden and his former crew of the Knight used her as an escape vessel.

Holden kept the ship, claiming it as salvage, giving it new transponder codes provided by Fred Johnson, and named her Rocinante after Don Quixote's horse. It was briefly disguised as a gas freighter during the Eros incident by engineers at Tycho station.

Battle for Thoth Station Edit

During the battle at Thoth Station, the Roci took out the comm array and the two defensive ships while Guy Molinari boarded the station. During the battle Roci took a lot of damage including a heavy gauss cannon round through the galley and machine shop.

Upon returning to Tycho Sam Rosenberg was the team leader in charge of her repairs much to Holden's admiration.

Later it was used by Holden and the crew to chase down Eros.

Ganymede Incident Edit

After the Eros incident, the ship and its crew were employed as pirate-hunters by OPA, until Fred Johnson fired Holden for insubordination.

The Ring Edit

After earning a large amount of money as an independent contractor, the crew did some upgrades on the Roci: The captain's quarters and the XO's quarters were combined into one large room by cutting out the bulkhead dividing them, a rail gun firing two-pound tungsten slugs was mounted on the ship's keel to have a backup weapon when they ran out of military-grade torpedoes, and the engines got some after-market upgrades on Callisto.


Originally commissioned as the MCRN Tachi, the Corvette was one of Donnager's original assigned escorts when the McCabe and Valenza were replaced with 4 of the new Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyers to improve the battleship's area of control. By the time Donnager picked up the Canterbury survivors, the Tachi was the only escort docked in the battleship's hangar bay.

Once Donnager was boarded in a CQB scenario, Captain Yao ordered Lt. Lopez and some MCR Marines to escort Holden and the other survivors to the Tachi, hoping they would escape and testify that the Martians had nothing to do with the Canterbury's destruction. The bay, however, was swarming with enemy boarders. Amos Burton and Lopez were wounded and the Marines were killed, but Alex Kamal, previous an MCRN pilot, took control of the gunship. Using her PDCs, the Tachi blasted her way out of the hangar and made a getaway at full burn before the Donnager was scuttled.

Back to the Butcher

Once away, the Canterbury survivors received a message from the OPA spokesperson Fred Johnson offering a safe harbor, something that would be hard to find elsewhere as anyone flying a stolen Martian warship would be highly suspect. He also instructed them on how to change the Tachi's transponder codes to avoid long range detection. Alex enthusiastically suggested naming their new ship "Flamin' Alamo" or "Screamin' Firehawk" to which Holden refused, suggesting the name "Rocinante" instead. Amos agreed, saying a woman named Rocinante had once been good to him. With its new name, Rocinante made for Tycho Station.

Rock Bottom

Upon arrival, a brief hostility ensued as it turned out that Johnson planned to commandeer Rocinante for a mission, as he wanted a capable warship in case whatever happened to the Scopuli happened again, but Holden convinced him to hire them to undertake it. Johnson then had the ship disguised (somewhat) as a gas hauler to help them avoid detection and gave the Rocinante's crew their mission: to find Lionel Polanski, one of Fred's operatives from the Scopuli.


Not long after getting underway, Rocinante got spotted by a Martian patrol boat, the Yangste. Despite Alex's best efforts the Martians approached to board, which would have meant grave consequences once they recognized the stolen warship. Fortunately, Kenzo Gabriel (who had just been caught sending out a rogue signal) informed the Roci's crew that, being a Martian gunship, there would be secret codewords for when they were working covert ops and needed to be left alone, which Alex confirmed with an incident he witnessed involving communications including the words "donkey balls." Managing to locate the codewords in time, the MCRN ship was satisfied and left the Rocinante alone.


Arriving at a lone asteroid, the Rocinante encountered a seemingly inactive stealth ship, found to be the Anubis and the Cant's killer, bound for Eros from Phoebe but never arrived. Docking with an umbilical, Holden, James, Amos, Kenzo, and one of the Roci's drones searched the ship and discovered the Protomolecule at work throughout the ship. Finding that Lionel had escaped in a shuttle, Holden ordered Alex to destroy the Anubis with a torpedo, which Alex did gladly as Rocinante now made its way to Eros.

Media Edit

  • Tachi docked in the Donnager
  • Being painted and modified to hide it's MCRN origins
  • Disguised as a gas freighter
  • Tachi ship's badge
  • The evolution of the Rocinante: Seth Reed’s initial sketch, North Front’s early variants, elevations, block-in and refined models, and graphics pass.
  • The exterior of the Rocinante. The Expanse’s equivalent of the Millennium Falcon, the ‘Roci’ was one of the show’s main design challenges.
  • Concept Art

Trivia Edit

  • Although Holden states in Leviathan Wakes that he named the Rocinante after Don Quixote's horse from the novel Don Quixote, the name is also used in the song "Cygnus X-1" by Rush, from the album 'A Farewell to Kings', a band Ty Franck is a big fan of[2], because of the following lyrics:
Flew into the light of Deneb
Sailed across the Milky Way
On my ship, the "Rocinante"
Wheeling through the galaxies
  • Rocinante is Spanish for a work horse or low-quality horse, but can also mean an illiterate or rough man. Pronounced: 'Rah-sih-nahntay' (or 'Rahsee' for Roci).
  • Tachi is a Japanese word and may have the following meaning in a military context. (1) Tachi (太刀): A type of sword predating the Katana. A Tachi is slender, narrow and light. (2) Tachi (立ち) literally "to rise", "rising up to face battle". In the TV show the crews uniforms show a Chinese "motto" or alternative name for the ships. For the Tachi it is 首次作战 - "first (time) into battle". The Chinese motto aligns best with meaning (2).

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