The MCRN Sally Ride is a destroyer of the Martian Navy .

Battle at Io Edit

She first appears in “Caliban’s War” as part of the Martian six-ship task force that shadows Admiral Nguyen’s flotilla following the Rocinante en route to Io and eventually attacks.

The destroyer survives the battle between the groups nearly undamaged. Under orders from Captain Richard Tseng, it resupplies the Rocinante with torpedoes and PDC ammunition right after the battle. Also, provides 2000 explosive rounds for Gunny Bobbie Draper's power armor as requested by Captain James Holden

Crewmember Lieutenant Graves is mentioned by name, having a distinctively girlish young voice on the radio.

The Sally Ride also appeared in “Cibola Burn ”.


The Sally Ride is named after the first female US Astronaut.

It seems notable that a Martian warship is named after a civilian pre-colonisation astronaut from Earth.

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