This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Samantha Rosenberg (TV).

Samara "Sam" Rosenberg is a member of the Outer Planets Alliance (OPA), working as an engineer on Tycho Station, repairing spaceships. She is later reassigned to the Behemoth. The OPA ship that was once  designated the Nauvoo. She befriends Holden and his crew. She and Naomi bond and form a tight friendship. She bestows the nickname "Knuckles" to Naomi for an unknown reason.

Appearance Edit

She has a heart shaped pixie face and a mop of red hair. She also has a surprisingly deep voice and a hearty, bellowing laugh that fills a room.

Personality Edit

She had an amusing penchant for using childlike terms or euphemisms.

History Edit

Eros Incident Edit

Once the Rocinante returns from the battle at Thoth Station, Sam was the foreman of the ship's repair project. While working on the ship, she befriended  Naomi Nagata.

The Ring Edit

Sam was Chief Engineer on the Behemoth on its mission to the Ring. During the coup to take back the Behemoth from Captain Ashford, and Cortez, she allies herself with Holden, Naomi and their crew to help throw off and delay Ashford's plan to destroy the Ring.

Notes Edit

  • Throughout most of the books, this character is named "Samara" and is referred to as that or as "Sam"
  • Toward the end of Abaddon's Gate and again at the beginning of Nemesis Games, the book starts referring to this character as "Samantha"
  • The television adaption lists the character as either "Samantha" or "Sam". The TV show has not referred to the character ever as "Samara" yet.
  • It appears some of the aspects Sam's relationship with Naomi were transferred to Drummer in the TV series. Since Sam's equivalent appears only briefly and Drummer has a close relationship with Naomi.
  • Sam character from the books also traded in her red hair in the leap to the screen for black hair
  • There is much speculation online about the character Drummer completely subsuming this character in TV season 3


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