The Scipio Africanus is a Martian vessel

It is reported to have destroyed the Xinglong contributing to unrest among the inhabitants of the Belt.

This is a light vessel that acts as a boarding craft and lightly armed ship's gig. Presumably, it is not designed for extended independent operation.

It has one airlock on the ventral surface

It has 2 PDCs on the shoulders.

There appears to be 2 missile launchers in the bow.

Leviathan WakesEdit

On Ceres, the protests over the destruction of the Xinglong by the Martian Scipio Africanus included the savage impalement of Martian Enrique Dos Santos using a prospector's spike. Miller sent a letter to his widow.

"Rock Bottom"Edit

Matéo, the owner of Xinglong was Diogo's uncle. In retaliation for harrassment and crippling penalties and life threatening , Mateo flung his load at Scipio Africanus and was then destroyed.

Trivia Edit

It was named after the Roman general by that name.

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