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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Sematimba (Books).

"Semi" Sematimba was an dock inspector working for CPM on Eros and long time friend of Miller.


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Season Ⅰ Edit

Season Ⅱ Edit

  • "Safe" (Miller's farewell)

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Sematimba gave Miller his iconic hat when Semi left the police as a reminder to not repeat his mistakes.

Throughout the series Edit

"Windmills" Edit

Sematimba responds to Miller's query into the whereabouts of the Scopuli and learns that the Anubis 1A is in the dock designated for Scopuli. Having recently lost his job with Star Helix at Ceres, Miller decides to chase the lead to Eros.

"Salvage" Edit

Sematimba uses his position to bust Miller out of jail after Miller assaulted the dock master looking for the Anubis 1A. He buys Miller a meal and they talk about old times and the state of security on Eros with CPM, particularly, the emergence of a large number of thugs recently hired on and the peculiar equipment installations. He shows Miller footage of Julie, reveals that she is going under the name "Lionel Polanski", the name Miller saw on the dock master's registry for the Anubis 1A, and also that she's at the Blue Falcon Hotel.

"Critical Mass" Edit

Sematimba responds to Blue Falcon where he finds the bodies of a team sent to eliminate Holden and the Rocinante crew. When Miller appears in front of him with Holden's group, he has questions. Soon after they leave, Dresden appears with his crew on the lookout for Julie Mao.

Leaving the hotel and heading to the casino amidst the chaos of the declared radiation emergency, he encounters a group of CPM security assaulting crowds and confronts them. He ends up in a gunfight and takes out one of the CPM. He ultimately joins up with Naomi, Amos and Alex as together they note the false pretenses of the emergency procedures. They come to the consensus there's a shakedown happening.

"Leviathan Wakes" Edit

After an arduous and confusing trek through the labrynth tunnels and shafts of Eros where the group only manages to bring a small number of refugees, Sematimba is impatient to leave and attempts coercing Naomi to abandon any delay while awaiting Holden's arrival. Sematimba is shot and killed by Amos for threatening Naomi at gunpoint.

Notes Edit

  • In Season 2, his name is shown clearly on the digital display of the cold storage coffin he was stored in after he was killed on the Rocinante.

Media Edit

Images Edit

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