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Captain Shaddid is the Star Helix Security site manager for the Ceres Station.

Appearance Edit

She wears her uniform casually, her hair down around her shoulders in violation to corporate regulations.

History Edit

Eros Incident Edit

Shaddid assigns Miller the case to find Julie Mao, detain her, and ship her home.

When Jim Holden releases his broadcast after the Canterbury's destruction, Shaddid orders security to patrol the station in riot gear to deter any riots. She gives command of the second team to Miller for port level and sectors thirteen through twenty-four and Kasagawa command of team three for sectors twenty-five through thirthy-six. The teams soon discover that the riot gear is missing and orders her teams to take SWAT gear instead.

After she tells Miller to drop the Julie case once and his refusal to do so, Shaddid calls Miller into her office to meet with Anderson Dawes the OPA liaison on Ceres. The two explain to Miller that he is not in a position to investigate Julie at further. Millers continuous investigation would put the neutrality of Star Helix and Ceres in jeopardy and Ceres has plenty of bad guys for Miller to lock up.

When the Martian ship the Donnager was destroyed, the United Nations withdrew from governing Ceres, assuming the Belt was the culprit. Shaddid, now responsible of keeping the peace while the local government transferred its power to the OPA, felt she couldn't trust Miller, and fired him.

After the Eros incident Shaddid escorted Fred Johnson, leader of the OPA, to the peace conference.

Notes Edit

  • In the TV show, Shaddid has short hair and dresses much more professionally.

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