Sharon Hall is credited as an Executive Producer to the Expanse television program. Her connection to the project was part of her successful projects at Alcon Television Group, a division of Alcon Entertainment. She left Alcon in Mid 2015 before the first season of the program aired; however, she remains credited through the second season.

Notes Edit

  • In her role as head of Alcon Television Group, she is the individual who signed the agreement for Alcon Entertainment to buy the rights for The Expanse television program.

Trivia Edit

  • Industry pundits have expressed speculation that she negotiated with Alcon to continue working on the Expanse even after departing the company.

Duplicate/Split IMDb records Edit

  • nm2402792
  • nm1338262
  • nm6605523


  1. Sharon left Alcon before the first episode aired but is still credited for the first two seasons

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