Shin-sin is a game popular within Belter circles involving one, two or more participants.

Basics Edit

The objective involves balancing spheres made of resin or made of ceramic between players' knuckles and hands. This is usually accompanied by singing and moving the spheres in sync with the music, taking turns to move them between either your two hands or the four or more hands of others involved.

In the media Edit

It was featured in one of the videos produced by Monica Stuart Books • TV and James Holden Books • TV as part of a living interest series to humanize Belters in the eyes of the inner planet population.  Holden hopes use situations like this as devices to counteract the stereotypes and the vehement tribalism that drives prejudice. He seeks to end belligerent militaristic hawkishness especially that which was reignited by Marco Inaros' Books • TV Free Navy. Holden's celebrity is pivotal in stimulating others around the solar system to produce their own local versions of his video series.