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"Static" is the third episode of the second season of The Expanse. Overall, it is the thirteenth episode. It aired on February 8, 2017.

Synopsis Edit

Holden and Miller butt heads about how the raid was handled.

Recap Edit

Amos confronts Miller over the death of Dresden. He makes the comparison that Holden is righteous or at least has a better chance to be.

Drummer reviews the damage to Rocinante with Alex and Naomi. She is awestruck and even relays to Alex that she's impressed at the skill it must've taken him to overcome the barrage and survive. The sheer thrill can be seen on her face. Alex's concerns aren't lost on her and she promises to treat their ship as though it was one of Tycho's own.

Drummer invites Naomi to play handball and then go dancing. Naomi is beat but hasn't had so much fun in a while.

Alex, struggling from another bout of survivor's guilt, plays and replays simulations of the Battle of Thoth Station, so the next time he can save the 25 Belters that died.

Naomi confronts Holden over the shooting of Dresden and how Miller was right to shoot Dresden.

Diogo and Staz find Miller still in the bar where Amos left him. When the barkeeper cuts them off, Diogo realizes Miller has no place to go and invites Miller to stay with him on Tycho. Diogo introduces Miller to the Eros Radio feed.

Bobbie Draper and fellow MCRN Marines are routed to Ganymede on assignment to protect the food supply. She and her squad are frustrated that they aren't retaliating for the recent destruction of one of the Martian moons, Deimos. They want to engage Earth immediately and this tension builds into friction directed at the Earth-born Martian Marine, Richard Travis. Even Bobbie won't restrain herself and ultimately punches Travis as he comes at her. Following a conversation with Lieutenant Sutton, Bobbie and her squad make gestures of peace and solidarity toward Travis.

The lead scientist from Thoth station who is still alive, Cortazar, is interrogated by Fred, Amos, and Holden with little results for a cure. Holden can't get through to him on an emotional level. The station doctor determines that Cortázar has been purged of all empathy through an irreversible manipulation of his brain. Amos then, recognizing the scientist's motivations, divulges info about Julie Mao and the evolving Eros project which triggers Cortazar's curiosity thus making him more open to share with Fred and Holden what he learned watching the protomolecule.

Miller suggests to Fred that they should use the Nauvoo to knock Eros into the sun.

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Notes Edit

  • In the novel, the destruction of Deimos occurs before that of Phoebe not the other way around.
  • The "Dancing Creep" character is portrayed by the production team's choreographer, Roberto Campanella

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