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This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Hillman (TV).
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Tev Hillman is a Private of the MMC in the original novel by James S.A. Corey entitled "Caliban's War". He[1] is a squad member reporting to Gunnery Sergeant Roberta "Bobbie" W. Draper

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Hillman is available to refill hydraulic fluid in the left knee joint of Bobbie Draper's leaky old Goliath Mk Ⅲ power armor.

He[1] is one of the first Martian Marines to be killed on Ganymede as the protomolecule creature threw a UN Marine at Bobbie from great distance after she opened fire on it but she dove out of the way of the human projectile and Hillman was struck instead.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The TV adaptation swapped genders on this character

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