Vital statistics
Type restaurant and bar
Level Unknown
Location ceres
Inhabitants Unknown

The Distinguished Hyacinth Lounge is a bar on Ceres.

It is located on an upper level, far away from port level. It is mostly frequented by cops and local security personnel. Miller used to hang out there in his days with Star Helix Security.

The decor is described as Pure Belter. Folding tables and chairs like those used on ships are set into the wall, even at odd angles, in case of an unexpected shift gravity as some speculated. Snake plant and devil's ivy are used for decoration.

The music is usually subdued to not obstruct conversation but loud enough to keep it private.

The Hyacinth is a family business, founded by Javier Liu, presently the third generation, Javier the third is running the place from behind the bar. The fourth generation, his daughter Kate, is already working at the place too.



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