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Thoth Station was a black operations station located in the Belt.

Appearance Edit

The corridors of Thoth Station were wide and roomy, with carpeted floors, long swaths of ivy grown in carefully tended spirals and lit bonsai trees every few feet. The lighting was soft and white like sunlight.

History Edit

Thoth was a shadow deep research and development lab owned by Protogen, and it was where they covertly carried out research on the protomolecule and where Antony Dresden orchestrated the Eros incident.

The OPA discover the location and mount an assault. The Rocinante is able to take out the comm array and the two fast stealth interceptors defending the station allowing the Guy Molinari under the command of Fred Johnson with Miller and other soldiers to assault the station.

Notes Edit

  • In the TV show, the station is much different than described in the books. It is almost unfurnished and looks largely stripped and abandoned. There are no plants and hardly any lighting.

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