Thoth Station was a private spin station located in the Belt. It was used for research on the protomolecule by Protogen Corporation.

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The corridors of Thoth Station were wide and roomy, with carpeted floors, long swaths of ivy grown in carefully tended spirals, and lit bonsai trees every few feet. The lighting was soft and white like sunlight.

The station was designed to evade detection, but there was a habitat ring, which implied, that there were people living there. The corridors and rooms were dark, with light coming from the scientists' terminals.

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Thoth was a shadowy research and development lab owned by Protogen, and it was where they covertly carried out research on the protomolecule and where Antony Dresden orchestrated the Eros incident.

The OPA discover the location thanks to Miller's former partner, Havelock, who has since transferred to a security division of Protogen. Fred and Jim strategize and mount an assault. The Rocinante is able to take out the comm array and the two fast stealth interceptors defending the station allowing the Guy Molinari under the command of Fred Johnson with Miller and other soldiers to assault the station.

In "Leviathan Wakes", Alex discovers the transmission from Eros to the station as the crew evacuates Eros.

In "Safe", they dig deeper and discuss amongst themselves what to do.

In "Doors & Corners", The crew shares this information with Fred Johnson at Tycho Station hoping he'll join them and help mount an organized OPA assault. The Rocinante is able to take out the Stealth-class ship as well as a dumb gun defending the station. During the assault the dumb gun is able to take out one of the 2 boarding pods, killing all 25 on board including the Tatted Belter that Alex rescued from Eros. Miller, Diogo, Staz and the remaining OPA soldiers proceed to take control of the station, killing the station security personnel in the process. This allows the Guy Molinari under the command of Fred Johnson to dock at the station. When the boarding party finds the room with scientists, those scientists remain absorbed with their work ignoring the demands of Miller's raiding squad until he disconnects them from the network. Losing the connection, the scientists turn feral which triggers the raiders to open fire killing most of them. Miller manages to save Paolo Cortázar who he directs Diogo to protect and extract. Miller commands the rest of his squad to remain while he proceeds to the next doorway leading to Antony Dresden. As he, Holden and Johnson listen to Dresden's proposal for continuing the research project on the protomolecule, Miller takes it upon himself to execute Dresden. Both Holden and Johnson are consequently shocked, dismayed and aggravated with the sudden loss of the man who might have offered the OPA control of the protomolecule research.

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  • In the TV show, the station is much different than described in the books. It is almost unfurnished and looks largely stripped and abandoned. There are no plants and hardly any lighting.
  • In the book, Leviathan Wakes, there's no mention of recovering Paolo Cortázar from this station. He was retroactively inserted into the storyline via The Vital Abyss
  • Thoth is an Egyptian God and scribe of the Underworld.

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