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Tony Ianni is the art designer for the show in season 1. In season 2, he was promoted to Production Designer upon the departure of Seth Reed

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Also goes by "Anthony A. Ianni"'



Season 1
"Dulcinea"Art Director
"The Big Empty"Art Director
"Remember the Cant"Art Director
"CQB"Art Director
"Back to the Butcher"Art Director
"Rock Bottom"Art Director
"Windmills"Art Director
"Salvage"Art Director
"Critical Mass"Art Director
"Leviathan Wakes"Art Director
Season 2
"Safe"Production Designer
"Doors & Corners"Production Designer
"Static"Production Designer
"Godspeed"Production Designer
"Home"Production Designer
"Paradigm Shift"Production Designer
"The Seventh Man"Production Designer
"Pyre"Production Designer
"The Weeping Somnambulist"Production Designer
"Cascade"Production Designer
"Here There Be Dragons"Production Designer
"The Monster and the Rocket"Production Designer
"Caliban's War|Caliban's War"Production Designer


  • In Season 1, he was the Art Director
  • Upon the departure of Seth Reed, he assumed the role of Production Designer in Season 2
  • The photo used in the infobox is a best guess based on twitter posts by director Breck Eisner. As of August 4, 2017, he finally put a profile photo onto his Twitter account confirming the match.



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