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The United Nations-Martian Congressional Republic Cold War (UN-MCR Cold War), usually referred to as the Cold War, was a state of political and military tension between the two superpowers of the Sol system, Earth (U.N.) and Mars. Tensions would eventually led to outright warfare after forces engaged on Ganymede.


The Destruction of Anderson StationEdit

After Belter protesters siezed control of Anderson Station the United Nations Marine Corps under Colonel Fred Johnson were sent to quell resistance. Colonel Johnson was not given information that the Station had surrendered and ordered its destruction. This event led to him becoming known as the "Butcher of Anderson Station".

Operation Silent WallEdit

An anti-pirate campaign led by the MCRN Flagship Donnager with multiple Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyers, and MCRN Corvette-class.

Discovery on PhoebeEdit

Discovered on Phoebe a mysterious alien substance known as the Protomolecule is discovered. The company Protogen is formed and killed off all other members of the Station on Phoebe to hide their discovery. Later the MCRN Donnager is sent to investigate but finds that the station has had a flash-fire and left no survivors.

Capture of the ScopuliEdit

Hired by a faction of the Outer Planets Alliance the Scopuli intercepts a ship belonging to Protogen that it believes to be a freighter. However upon getting close the intercepted freighter turns out to be a Stealth ship and boards the Scopuli taking the crew prisoner and leaving the ship abandoned.

Destruction of the CanterburyEdit

After recieving a distress call the Ice hauler Canterbury moves to meet the freighter. Upon getting close a boarding team led by Jim Holden boards via Knight scuttle. The distress beacon is then discovered to have been planted and the ship abandoned. At this point a mysterious ship appears and fires upon the Canterbury destroying the Ice Freighter.

Attack on the DonnagerEdit

Assault on Thoth StationEdit

Eros incidentEdit

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