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Umea is an assistant of Dr. Strickland during the Ganymede incident.


Ganymede IncidentEdit

Posing as Nicola Mulko, she and Dr. Strickland abduct Mei Meng from her kindergarden class. They then take her to a secret lab with other children who suffer Myers-Skelton Premature Immunosenescence such as Sandro Ventisiete.¤ Once there, Umea takes Mei to a room where a human-protomolecule hybrid is being held.[1]

Notes Edit

  • ¤Sandro is identified as one of the older children in the room that Umea and Strickland take Mei but his last name is revealed in Prax's perspective. Gabby Solyuz is another child who is among the group missing. [Chapter 7 viewpoint].
  • The author(s) of the book series did not offer a first name for the doctor, Strickland. The television adaptation did however offer the name "Lawrence". At the time of this writing, the page for the television incarnation is named "Lawrence Strickland" while the page for the book incarnation is named simply "Strickland". This is a special case where the analogous pages don't share the conventional naming scheme, the same base name except with a suffix including the incarnation type parenthesized à la "Lawrence Strickland (Books)" and "Lawrence Strickland (TV)".
  • Corollary to above, this page for the book incarnation of this character may soon get renamed from simply "Umea" to "Umea (Books)" as the television gets fleshed out and assumes a page of its own with the conventional name of "Umea (TV)" [April 2, 2017]


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