The Unified Imperial Navy (formerly: Laconian Imperial Navy) is the space naval branch of the military of the Empire of Laconia. Formed from a defected third of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy Fleet forces under Admiral Duarte passed through the gates to the Laconia system where a new fleet and government was formed.

History Edit

Formed during the Interplanetary War, the Laconian First fleet consisted of former Martian Congressional Republic Navy ships. For thirty years Laconia remained in seclusion until it had replaced its former vessels with new ships built with technologies discovered through the Protomolecule. Laconia's new ships very vastly superior the those of the Sol powers containing self-healing armor and greatly increased missile capacity.

Within several months of establishing the Laconian government the first ship had been lauched at the Laconia shipyards. This ship the Proteus was deployed to the Slow Zone to install Rail-guns onto the Ring Station surface to support the Free Navy forces at Medina Station. Despite the Proteus having been seen by Free Navy personnel knowledge of Laconia having shipyards with which to build new vessels was not known to any of the Sol powers even thirty years later.

Upon the Laconian Unification Movement commencing, a single battleship was able to defeat and conquer the Transport Union, Martian Congressional Republic, and United Nations. Following the official ratification of the surrender and unification treaty, the Unified Colonial Laconian Empire was born, and along with it, the Unified Imperial Navy.

By this time, the original ships that left Mars for Laconia had been decommissioned for the new ships utilizing the new technologies.

Known ships Edit

Designation Class Ship type Appearances Notes
Heart of the Tempest Magnetar-class Battleship Books
Eye of the Typhoon Magnetar-class Battleship Books
Voice of the Whirlwind Magnetar-class Battleship Books
Gathering Storm Pulsar-class Destroyer Books Captured by insurgents led by Bobbie Draper
Daskell Protector-class Destroyer Books
Ackermann Protector-class Destroyer Books
Ekandjo Protector-class Destroyer Books
Smith Protector-class Destroyer Books
Stover Protector-class Destroyer Books
Cleo Unknown-class Patrol ship Books
Proteus Proteus-class Unknown Books The first ship produced at Laconia. Was used to send supplies to the Free Navy including the Rail-guns for the Slow Zone.
Barkeith Donnager-class Dreadnought/Battleship Books One of the stolen third of the MCRN fleet. Barkeith vanished when entering the Laconia Gate by an anomaly caused by ships entering the gate moments before