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Various organizations and governmental branches impose the wearing of specific uniforms.

United NationsEdit

UNN Commissioned Officer UniformEdit

Officers of the United Nations Navy wear a blue uniform with insignia on the shoulders, the officer's name being on the right breast and medals on the right breast. Some versions, such as that worn by Colonels, are grey in colour.

  • Admiral Souther
  • Admiral Nguyen
  • Captain
  • Colonel

Enlisted Personnel uniformEdit

United Nations Marine CorpsEdit

Standard UniformEdit

A jumpsuit worn with a beret. For combat torso armor is worn.

Environment SuitsEdit

Worn on UN ships this environment suit. Includes armor to the torso legs and lower arms.

Powered ArmorEdit

Worn by the UN Marines in full vacuum locations where they can be expected to encounter combat. Weapons are carried separately and not attached.

  • UN Marines on Ganymede's surface

Martian Congressional RepublicEdit

MCRN Commissioned Officer UniformEdit

  • Admiral
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant onboard Donnager
  • Lieutenant Sutton onboard Scirocco

Enlisted Personnel uniformEdit

  • Jumpsuit worn by enlisted personnel

Martian Marine CorpsEdit

Formal DressEdit

Worn by Bobbie Draper at the peace talks on Earth.

Environment SuitEdit

MCRN environment suits are shown to be lightweight and including armor to the torso and all limbs. Marines are shown to wear this armor even at the MCR embassy on Earth. There are two helmet designs worn with this armor.

  • worn without a helmet.
  • Helmet variant 1
  • Helmet variant 2
  • Helmet variant 1 with opened face panel
  • Insert in armor for data cube storage

Powered ArmorEdit

Powered Armor worn by Force Recon Marines in the Martian Marine Corps. Unlike the armor worn by United Nation's Marines this armor utilises a multi-barrel gatling gun built into the right arm.

  • Marine Squad
  • Undersuit and Goliath armor

Main Asteroid BeltEdit

Tycho Station StaffEdit

  • Medical staff

Mao-Kwikowski MercantileEdit


Environment SuitEdit

Worn by the personnel whom boarded the Donnager in an attempt to capture the ship.

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