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The United Nations, abbreviated UN, is the governing body of Earth and Luna, and one of the two superpowers of the Sol system and humanity's extra-solar colonies. Currently, it is the only nation that claims ownership over territory outside of Sol.

It was founded in 1945 after World War II as an international organization facilitating cooperation in, among other areas, international law. Over time, the international organization has transformed itself into more of a government, with its own military and administration. It is led by the elected Secretary-General.

The UN is seated on Earth, but also has a presence on Luna, in the New Hague facilities in Lovell City. It controls the United Nations Navy and the United Nations Marine Corps.


Secretary-General: Chrisjen Avasarala (interim)

Executive AdministrationEdit


Eros IncidentEdit

When the Donnager is destroyed by what is believed to be OPA ships, and Mars declares war on the Belt the UN stays neutral. Later when Holden released information on the ships that destroyed the Donnager were actually made on Earth, United Nations Navy ships fired on Martian Congressional Republic Navy ships in Mars' orbit and destroyed the Deimos deep radar station. The MCRN then orders their ships in the system to return to Mars and declares war on Earth.

Once the Eros feeds go live the knowledge of Protogen's involvement is made known, the UN begin arresting personnel and dismantling their network looking for clues. While looking they discover that Fred Johnson was considered Protogen's largest threat and the UN forgives him of his past offenses.

In an effort to stop Eros from crashing on Earth, the UN fires all of its planet based nuclear missiles towards the station. However, in order to give Miller more time, the OPA rerouted the missiles.

After the Eros incident, delegates from the UN, MCR, and OPA attend a peace conference on Ceres.

Ganymede IncidentEdit

In the eighteen months since the Eros incident the MCR and UN have been in a bitter cold war.

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