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James Corey aka Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham

For Expanse book series fans, the long wait is nearly over; the exciting new series based on their favorite sci-fi space opera will come to Syfy Network on December 14.

But since Wikia fans are some of the biggest superfans of the book series, Syfy is giving you some treats!

First off, Wikia has been given the FULL pilot episode for you all to watch right here on Expanse Wikia as a sneak peek, available right now. GO WATCH! And second, they’ve granted us special access to Expanse book authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck - collectively known as James S. A. Corey - to talk about working on the TV adaptation of their amazing books.

We asked fans on Wikia to send us their questions, and we threw a few in there by way of introducing the books to newcomers. Check out all the videos of their answers below!

Origins of The Expanse

Origins of The Expanse07:17

Origins of The Expanse

Translating The Expanse from Page to Screen

Translating The Expanse from Page to Screen11:39

Translating The Expanse from Page to Screen

Seeing The Expanse Come to Life

Seeing the Expanse Come to Life07:59

Seeing the Expanse Come to Life

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